A bit of a wake up call!

We knew that Timperley were going to be strong and we let this get to us rather than focusing on what we can do. Rachel Minarovich got Timperley off to the perfect start with an excellent draw and a few accurate passes before their first goal. Some of the Liverpool Players had hardly taken a step and we were already one nil down.

Instead of reacting to this the same happened again. It was a bit early for a timeout but looking back on things maybe it was needed as Timperley kept going from strength to strength and it wasn’t long before the task of winning was looking even more unlikely. We didn’t help ourselves by swinging our sticks and the wrong moment and picking up a few yellow cards. Timperley used the space well and Jane Brierly, Kat and Nic Swallow punished us by scoring some fantastic goals and contributing 8 out of the 12 they scored before half time!

At half time Liverpool had one thing to celebrate, Lyndsey Sung had driven through the Timperley defence and managed to get us one goal. We decided to focus on the simple things of winning the ground balls and not giving our player too much space from the draw. It seemed to work and we definitely slowed Timperley down. The defence continued to work hard for each other and a quick turnover allowed Melissa Hewitt to break and score her first goal from the club.

Even though it was rather depressing getting thrashed by Timperley it was also nice to see them score some impressive goals. The one that stood out was Julie Stott’s goal behind her back!

With us struggling to lift our spirits a strange goal got most of the team celebrating. The only person who wasn’t was the goal scorer Ashley Bruen who was just embarrassed by her golf shot that trickled over the line!

Timperley were so far ahead that they were just passing the ball round and waiting for the perfect opportunity before adding to their tally. Annoyed that we were just giving them the space to play Katharine Hughes decided it was time to put some pressure on and a least give them a fight. Luckily it paid off and before Timperley could react Katharine past it to Monica who laid it off to Linda on the right of the fan before feeding it straight into Rozi who scored and gave the team something to celebrate.

The celebrations didn’t last long as we picked up two more yellow cards before the final whistle. There was some excellent play by Timperley but if we want to do as we as we did last season we were going to have to train hard for the next few weeks! The final score was one to forget (19-4) but the 2nd half score was 8-3, not too bad!

Special mentions go to the following players:

  • Melissa Hewitt – who scored her first goal for the club.
  • Linda Musker – for her assist to Rozi’s goal.
  • Emma Raven – a brilliant comeback game with a yellow card!

Player of the match and the winner of the Liverpool Lacrosse bear on her comeback goes to Emma Raven who nearly scored with a powerful shovel shot. It was nice to play with someone who gives everything and never gives up!

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