A close match with four new players!

With a great start to the season last week we were looking to build on this and get our first win. We had four new players in the team from Liverpool University and were hoping that they could help strengthen our defence.

We started the game well and Monica White made our possession count and got us the first goal. With new players in defence it was a little quieter than usual and Stockport capitalised on this by moving the ball well to find the space and keep the score relatively close throughout the first half.

At half time we knew we needed to step things up if we were going to leave Stockport smiling. After a little rest we came out fighting and got ourselves a good lead with a few more goals from Monica White and Lyndsey Sung.

Unsurprisingly Stockport didn’t let us run away with it and a couple of fast breaks from them and well placed goals meant that it was going to be a close game. Our nerves got the better of us and we became quiet and slow to react to the turnovers which meant that Stockport kept adding to their goal tally and gained themselves a lead. Liverpool spirits were lifted again when Rozi Blackburn scored her first come back goal.

With two minutes left and three goals down Monica won the ball straight from the draw and drove straight to goal before placing it in the top corner. For a moment it looked like it might be another game that would be remembered for the late comeback but unfortunately time ran out and Stockport held on. The final score was 12-13 to Stockport.

Special mentions go to the following players:

  • Monica White – two excellent goals in the dying minutes that got our hopes up just for the whistle to be blown a little quickly!
  • Rozi Blackburn – great goal to get you back on the score sheet.
  • Poppy Smart, Hannah Williams, Helena Fox and Melissa Hewitt – great debuts for the club and hopefully we will see you in other games this season.

Player of the match and the winner of the Liverpool Lacrosse bear on her debut goes to Melissa Hewitt.


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