Farewell from Monica White

“Hello Junior Parents and Kids,    I flew back to America yesterday morning and I am now all settled at home with my parents on Long Island, NY.  Thank you for all my gifts and my card, they are already on display in my room! This year has been an incredible experience and I am so happy that I was placed in Liverpool and was able to be a part of a Junior program that continues to develop and flourish. Saturday mornings never felt like work to me but rather a pastime and an activity I looked forward to to start my weekend. The kids are so committed and motivated to play, where the parents deserve a thank you for taking the time to take them.  Kids who want to play and learn makes training all the more enjoyable!  I started lacrosse at about their age and it has always been a huge part of my life and has shaped me to who I am as a player, coach and person.  I hope that they continue and make it a large part of their lives also. It is an incredible sport that uses strategy and teamwork and helps establishes mental toughness that can be utilized on and off the field.    Best of luck next year, I hope the program doubles in size again and the kids will be able to have matches much more frequently! The Local Development Officer (LDO) next year will be great and I’m sure will bring even more knowledge of the game! Sarah Mir has been an absolute star this year and with her guidance and commitment the program will shine.    Please don’t hesitate to ever reach out to me as I would love to stay a part of Liverpool Lacrosse Club! Share their goals, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses, anything really I would love to hear!   Thank you again for making my year amazing!          Best, Monica White          Xxx”

Monica White, Linda Musker, Sarah Mir, Oliver Jones, Liverpool Juniors & Parents!

Monica White, Linda Musker, Sarah Mir, Oliver Jones, Liverpool Juniors & Parents!


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