February-itis hits Men’s 1s again!

For fear that everyone thinks that Peter Maybury is winning man of the match every week I thought I’d step in and bring some cheer to the match report this week.

First the bad news. We were on the end of another 7 goals and couldn’t even manage one back this week. Unfortunately the men’s 1s are suffering from that well known illness that in my near 10 years at the club (yes, I know I don’t look that old) has often struck us down. It’s like a common cold but only tends to ruin Saturdays. February-itis. That feeling when there is nothing to play for in terms of promotion and relegation, it’s cold and wet so training is not so appealing and for a few weeks Liverpool grace European football on training nights before inevitably getting knocked out in semi-heroic fashion. And alas, the word “crisis” often gets thrown around.

But enough of the doom and gloom. This illness is curable. On the whole we have had some great results this season and at times have made some great progress. We will remember what made us good so many times this season and hopefully take our medicine, learn from our mistakes and keep the illness away next year.

As an alumni of the great institution of Liverpool University (or red brick **** as some of our more narrow minded members like to call us) I must say I was very impressed with them yesterday. Yes, we made it very easy as times, but they did score some very well executed goals and their movement and work rate is hopefully something we can learn from.

I should say a word on behalf of the defenders union as we often feel left out of these things. We’ve shipped some goals in the past two weeks but the lads have defended like Trojans at times. Speaking from a personal note, yesterday was especially difficult trying to keep up with two guys 10 plus years younger than me. So I chickened out at half time and moved into midfield to keep Peter Formela company. Keep up the good work lads.

Well done to the lads that have stepped up from the 2’s in the past couple of weeks. It’s been good to have Peter Kenyon back, Martin Tsang has shown glimpses of great promise and even Will William Chambers turned up on time (not this week though).

Sorry, bit short of detail on the actual match but I think the score (7-0 to Liverpool University) tells the story better than I could.

Chris Thomas

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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