Getting the weekend off to a great start!

After a number of improving performances it was time for Liv Lax to get a win. To help us achieve this aim we had individual and team targets.

The game didn’t really get off to the start that we were hoping for and we were quickly 4 nil down. Luckily the team were determined to get back into the game. So instead of giving up and crumbling we went back to the centre and won the ball straight from the draw. With a number of quick and accurate passes the ball was soon with Lyndsey Sung. She dodged past a number of defenders before putting the ball into the top corner.

After an excited celebration the team were back focused and ready to win the draw again. The next two goals were moments of magic from defenders. Helena Fox used her speed to cruise past a number of Heaton Mersey players before scoring a well-placed goal. Then it was time for Alex McCaldon to step up and show us her skills in attack. She impressed us and the opposition with her smooth change of hands and the goal of the season.

With momentum in our favour it was time to capitalise and Lyndsey Sung did this for us with another two great goals and a well-deserved hat trick within the first 15 minutes.

Unfortunately we didn’t run away with the game and Heaton Mersey made our defence work hard. After holding them out for a number of minutes they created enough space to get themselves ahead in a matter of minutes. Charlie Raymer scored a great goal from a feed from behind and Fiona Graham topped this off with an amazing goal from and acute angle.

A timeout was taken with 9 minutes to go as it was important not to let a lapse in our concentration give Heaton Mersey the upper hand just before half time. It seemed to work as the team chased the ground ball, worked it into attack and passed it off to Jocelyn Robinson who got herself on the score sheet and the team level. It would have been a super way to finish the half but the fairy tale ending wasn’t to come just yet! Tired legs and a turnover in attack enabled Heaton Mersey to break quickly and finish the half one nil up with the score 6-7.

With everything to play for in the second half we were a little slow off the whistle. With a number of Heaton Mersey players getting ahead of us, Kate Sweeney was left with the difficult decision of sliding to the ball and leaving her player or letting the player with the ball drive to goal. She made the correct decision but I was a little slow off the goal line and gave them the opportunity to get the first goal.

In the next few minutes both teams had opportunities but the defences did their job well and no goals were scored for about five minutes. With us all having set our own aims it was time for Charlotte Clulow to tick hers off by taking on the defender one on one and scoring a crucial goal to get us back within one. Getting ever closer to Jocelyn’s aim of having a variety of players on the score sheet it was time for Jenna Boon to add her name to the list.

Surprisingly the next 15 minutes went by with no goals just a yellow card for Gabby Sims! Charlie Raymer became the top scorer of the game when she fired a free position just inside the left hand side of the post. With a player down the defenders kept talking and covered the space well. Heaton Mersey managed to take a shot but it flew wide giving me the opportunity to chase. Just like it had been the whole game we were fighting for everything and working well together and Helena Fox was there to support me. Heaton Mersey knocked it off the back line but the pressure was still on. Bethan calmly ensured that the ball rolled safely into the goal circle. A quick pass off to Bethan Ap-Thomas who immediately heard the call from the midfield enabled the ball to be worked up the pitch quickly and set up the fast break that earned us the equalising goal. According to the score sheet it was Kate Sweeney who scored the goal. Not sure that this is correct as we were both immediately celebrating but guess the umpire just realised that Liverpool’s defenders had done a wonderful job and needed some praise for their determined performance in the second half.

The game could have gone either way with four minutes left but with Jenna Boon winning the centre draws as usual we knew that we had a great opportunity as long as we won the second ball. Another fast break and a pick from Hannah Forshaw gave Jenna Boon the space needed to score the goal and put us one up for the second time in the match. Unfortunately rather than keeping our heads we got too excited and didn’t get our bodies in the correct position. Another last minute tackle gave Heaton Mersey a free position and they levelled up the scores at 10-10 with 2 minutes to go. The fast pace of the game continued and a minute later we were celebrating again as Charlotte Clulow had scored her second of the day.

After having already letting them get back into the game with a lack of discipline it was time for another timeout with only twenty seconds left. We all knew that it was ours to lose and the game changer would be the sprint to that first ground ball. It was a little scrappy but with neither team picking up the ball cleanly, the clock kept ticking and we were able to hold out. The emotions and the number of team photos at the end showed that we really wanted this long overdue win!

WinningSpecial mentions go to the following players:

  • Lyndsey Sung – top goal scorer with a hat trick in the first half.
  • Jocelyn Robinson – a super check in defence and an important goal that got us back level just before half time.
  • Charlotte Clulow – for two great drives through a number of good defenders that ended in goals at crucial moments.
  • Sarah Mir – for a smooth pick up next to the goal circle and calmly getting the ball moving before another player had the space to capitalise.
  • A number of attackers who didn’t get on the score sheet but made an important contribution – Tasmin Stephenson kept the ball moving behind goal and with a little bit more space would have been able to turn the threats of driving the crease into goals. Ashley Bruen’s effort off the ball and her desire to cut through the fan with speed created space for others to capitalise which was her own target so well done.
  • Great defensive play by Ellen Bunn and Carina Eaton. Ellen was solid throughout the whole match and Carina used her speed to force Charlie Raymer wide before forcing the error which enabled us to get back onto the front foot.
  • Coral Evans – great speed and the determination to win that ball back in the midfield.

Player of the match was awarded to Alex McCaldon for the goal of the season and a solid performance in defence. Good luck in your junior matches’ tomorrow morning but save some nergy as we need another strong performance from you.

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