Lacrosse – U12 Boys – Liverpool v Poynton

imageMatch Report: Saturday 24 October

Saturday saw our Liverpool boys take on Poynton with Jude Taylor and Matthew Meadows leading the team onto the pitch with no care for the grey clouds or rain!

The game saw Chris Meadows build his confidence on the wing; he has quickly become a key support in the face off. Christian Maden was relentless in his quest for the ball whilst he dominated the face off with Poynton struggling to keep up.

Christopher Wood kept the opposition on their feet making some beautiful cuts leaving him wide open and unmarked whilst Harry Marshall adopted a strategic play resulting in a well executed first goal. In true partnership, goal keeper Patrick Hill upped the tempo paving out a superb assist which allowed Harry to deliver a powerful second goal.

The defence unit led by Gabriel Taylor left Poynton in difficulty with someĀ astute interceptions whilst Joseph Roladan, in his debut performance of the season, carried the ball up the midfield without succumbing to the pressure of the other side. Kai Hollingsworth demonstrated a persistence so that his opponent lost possession of the ball with Daniel Brune successfully taking on his first check of the season. Although Jude Taylor’s checks fell foul of the rules resulting in not one but two send offs, when he came back on the pitch his quick actioned cradling and dodging skill left Poynton empty handed.

Most valuable player was awarded to Harry Marshall for scoring both of Liverpool’s goals – well done Harry!

The quality of play particularly in the final quarter is testament to how far the boys have come in such a short space of time. Each week we see their skill and strategy improve under Oli’s guidance which leaves us wanting more.

Finally, I would also like to thank Ashley Bruen, Fleur Kirk, Alex McCalldon and Linda Musker for their pitch side cheer!

Thank you.

Sarah Mir











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