Liverpool Junior Boys – Liverpool v Brooklands

Match Report: Saturday 27 February.

Is it possible to start one of these match reports without a comment on the weather? Doubt it. We have been subjected to rain along with soggy pitches for months. Yet on Saturday, we were were blessed with the bluest of skies and a perfectly dry pitch with our junior boys playing Brooklands at home.

This season, Patrick Hill has come out of goal whilst Jude Taylor has stepped up to the mark. It’s pretty terrifying watching someone come hurling towards you ready to smash the ball into the back of the net yet nothing seems to phase Jude who defended each goal with vigour and at no point did he look even slightly concerned that he would be on the receiving end of an attempted goal! Kudos Jude.

We then have his brother, Gabe Taylor, who has really come out of his ‘lacrosse shell’ – he just dominated the pitch in the first half picking the ball up from the face off before driving past three of his opponents and slotting the ball in the bottom left of the goal.  He was ably assisted in the mid-field by Chris Meadows and Harrison Denton who identified prime positions allowing them to take possession of the ball.

Joseph Roladan truly deserved his ‘Man of the Match’ award for setting up some beautiful assists and remaining alert allowing him to monopolise on the ground balls which meant that his opponents were left scratching their heads wondering when and how he had acted so fast. Joseph is quickly developing into one of Liverpool’s most agile players.

Harry Marshall and Patrick Hill, demonstrated some forceful drives which left the Brooklands coach exclaiming ‘just don’t let that big guy through‘ – I’m not sure who he was referring to at the time but our boys showed their opponents that they are no longer playing as individuals on a pitch but as a united team which made for some incredible viewing from the side line.

In Defence, we had a bit of a mix up with Reuben Denton astutely staying goal side of his player at all times and soldiering on despite being winded allowing Matthew Meadows and Rafael to make some accurate interceptions even if they then got shoved off the pitch as they were making progress along the side line. The best part of course is to see Matthew smiling at you through his helmet even after some rather crazy tackling but his hard work paid off allowing Rafael to dodge past a number of defenders before putting the goal in the top corner.

Last but not least are two players who consistently demonstrate a great lacrosse IQ with Chris Wood putting in sharp and concise checks before taking possession and passing to Christian Maden who delivered some strong shots in the back of the net!

Whilst the boys had a great game and truly deserved the 9-4 win, the best bit was watching them take accountability for their play – particularly Harry and Chris Wood who took the initiative to co-ordinate their team. Keep up the excellent work, boys.

Sunday 28 February

On Sunday, Harry, Patrick, Reuben, Harrison, Rafael, Gabe, Christian and Chris Wood were selected to represent the boys in the U12 tournament at Tournament where they had some great play.





Photo taken by Tony Maden

Photo taken by Tony Maden


As ever, thank you to Oliver Jones and Matt Conway for coaching and refereeing.

As Mr Miyagi might say, Lax On Lax Off.

Sarah Mir.


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