Liverpool Lacrosse U10 Tournament at Poynton – 16th March 2014

Another month had gone by and Liverpool Juniors were back making history again. It was the second tournament we had attended as a club and this time we had two teams. The new team members proudly put on their Liverpool shirts after taking a while deciding what their number would be!

Lessons had been learnt from the first tournament so we all met at the Cricket Club and travelled together knowing that we had enough players for both teams. We arrived at Poynton with the sun shining and the team were eager to get onto the pitch and score!

We ran through the rules briefly and reminded them all that even though it doesn’t make sense to take the long route that running round the circle is a must. It seemed like they actually listened to our advice as they didn’t get pulled up for it once for running through the circle or maybe the refs were being nice!

There were excellent performances from both teams and they won five matches between them. The highlights of the tournament were:

  • The excellent debuts for Faye, Katie, Libby and Danya. Faye showed brilliant determination in attack, Dayna’s passes were impressively accurate and both Katie and Libby scored some fabulous goals.
  • There were many goals from both teams. Sean and Harry scored in three separate games, Katie netted four. The largest applause goes to Chris who was our top goal scorer was with a hat trick in two games.
  • Jamie and Harry won most of the face offs which got us off to a great start.
  • Christian assisted many of the goals with strong runs up the field which drew defenders towards him before he accurately passed it off.
  • Kai was brilliant again in defence and knew when it was time to break into attack and when it was crucial to wait patiently and to hold the line in defence.

Liverpool Juniors finished the tournament with an exciting game against each other. There were so many goals at each end that the score didn’t really matter. We all left another tournament smiling after some brilliant lacrosse and lots of lovely snacks provided by the parents.

Thanks again for your support.

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