Men’s 3s Score on Colour of Kit as Well as Goals!

A gentle sedate performance from Sefton 3s with an admiring captain on the sidelines giving the rest of the team a run out in beautiful summer conditions. ¬†Well, that would have been the case if Rachel had not texted Justin telling him it was a 3pm push back! So, this chap jumped in to umpire the first half, a pleasurable experience marred only by a few scything stick tackles that were so high that they problably did more to the recipients’ tackles than they did to their hockey sticks! Still, two goals from Grant put Liverpool Sefton up by 2-0 at half time, and sure to keep him at the top of the Fantasy tables. Nick Hemus – does the best player get any reward at the end of the year? ¬†Likewise, is Peter Kenyon / Kenneth B Cook at risk of receiving a real wooden spoon? Given the points, might be more useful than their hockey sticks!!!!

The cap’n sat on the fence, literally, for the second half, watching the match continue in a semi-gentle fashion, with the midfield completely dominating the match against Neston’s lowest side, and further goals from the central midfield pair of Nick and Ben Wilson pocketing one each, leaving a comfortable 4-0 for Sefton. Rob Thomas – Nick was heard commenting how much he would like a 4.30pm pb at Oxton next weekend.

One more game left for this season – an excellent season all round, and just one more victory needed to go unbeaten in 2015, and to record a 7 match winning streak!!!!!! Either way, we will top the form guide in the division at the end of the season I hope, a testament to the effort going in during the season!!!!!

James Robinson

7 March

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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