Mixed Team run Oxton close

So I got the mom by a majority of 4. Considering only 4 people (Chelsea’s car) voted out of 15 but I got MOM.

Match report: I was going to do an Andy McCarroll type of report but not enough charge left on my phone, then I thought I’ll do an Owen Jones type of match report but I remembered what team I was playing for..

The day started with Chelsea Daley turning up hungover and searching for food and drink. And Jack Jones drove down on his, well, Jack Jones. We arrived at the pitch with 2 mins to spare and Chloe being capt give us an inspirational speech.. “We play for fun in mixed hockey unless we are winning”.

Anyway the Sefton defence soaked up the pressure from an attack minded Crewe side. But then we broke with pace up front and scored the first.. Don’t know who! This was against the run of play.. This tactic again worked for us for the second goal. Again don’t know who scored it… 2-0 Sefton at this stage I thought we where gonna romp this game and go all serious, but Crewe hit us with 2 goals before half time to make it 2-2. The second half resumed and again the Sefton defence stood strong making vital tackles, the midfield worked their socks off and our forwards tried their best.. Crewe got a short corner, our keeper, Jack Jones says don’t worry guys I’ll save it.. Well he didn’t. 3-2 to Crewe

We had a chance at the end of the game from Chelsea Daley only for the ball to be cleared off the line.

Final whistle 3-2 to Crewe..

We played well and Chelsea Daley managed to sober up..

Goal scorers Jay Ashton and Sophie.. Great game..

Onwards and upwards Sefton.


Kenny Cook

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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