Narrow Loss for Men’s 2s – Will Chambers missed!

Men’s 2 v Triton

It was a fairly unusual game for the men’s 2s in that no one did anything notably stupid before or after the game – no-one actually involved anyway. It may be coincidental that William Chambers was away on holiday (although he has informed us that he has suffered a broken toe after an unfortunate incident with a monkey and some vaseline – or something, I missed the details).

Unfortunately, that leaves me having to talk about the hockey, which in the first half was awful. Kenneth B Cook started the trend after 10 seconds by passing straight to their attacker leaving a clear path to goal. (Margaret Walker said after “I saw that! I thought: That’s not what you tell us to do!”).  Fortunately they messed up the chance, but didn’t miss a second one a minute later when we stopped marking.  Much of the rest of the half was a matter of survival; the defence, particularly Liam, coped well but we had a pass completion of around 10%, so we were completely overrun. Rob Thomas treated us to the latest installment of his irregular series of ‘rubbish aerials’ although this one travelled about 6 yards improving his average considerably. Liam’s aerials were more successful and were our only escape from defence.  Goal machine Grant was drafted in again but has been unable to add to his tally in his 2 games; fair to say he hasn’t had too much service. We held out until close to half time when they got a second.  It shouldn’t have counted after Nick Hemus had to take evasive action from a chest high ball fired from a distance into the D, but a good deflection doubled the score – and we couldn’t really argue with the scoreline.

After a slow start, the second half was much different.  Our passing was more accurate and the opposition didn’t look nearly as good when half the players on the pitch weren’t passing to them.  OJ and James Lennox in particular were causing problems to Triton’s defence and we got a couple of shots and put more pressure on. Triton were still creating chances though and after I produced a save that probably was the main reason I got MOM votes, we went up the other end where Jay Lennox produced a good finish on the turn.  Only 2-1 down, we continued to pressure them causing them to get rattled and we had one major chance when OJ unleashed a high shot that was well tipped over.  The Triton celebrations at the end showed how well we had come back and pushed them hard, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough.  MOM was shared with me and Liam both getting 4 votes each.  DOD was also shared with Kenny getting votes for the aforementioned pass after 10 seconds and to Rob, for not being able to control the ball.

Andy McCarroll

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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