Tennis Twitterings – Week 13

Captains Reports;

Ladies B team: Our B team ladies Captain reports that she was a bit ‘naffed off’ as despite earlier enquiries as to whether or not the game would be on, our opposition waited until we were in transit before cancelling due to potential rain. It did not rain.

Men’s B Team: Back to back wins for the first time this season with heroics from Ste and Martin playing through injuries to help claim a 4-2 victory against Bohemians.

Men’s C Team; Despite managing to avoid playing on the dreaded grass we could not avoid a very, very, very narrow 4-2 defeat at home to Rainford. Our younger players are coming on leaps and bounds and with a bit of coaching will prove to be real assets next season.

Next Week’s Fixtures:

  • Ladies A team: Tuesday 25th July – Away v Eccleston Park ’B’
  • Ladies B team: Thursday 25th July –Home v Carlton ‘A’
  • Men’s A team: Monday 24th July – Home v Palmerston ‘C’
  • Men’s B team: Wednesday 26th July – Away v Trinity ‘B’
  • Men’s C Team: Tuesday 25th July – Home v Action’


Please check and confirm arrangements with team captains.


Fancy Getting involved with Your Sections Activities?

Have you ever mused over what it is the Tennis Section Committee does and think;’ what do they do? – I could do better’ Then why not give it a go?


The tennis section committee draws from both playing and non-playing members who volunteer their time to help develop and promote the section. Being a volunteer however does not ensure that you have the correct skill sets to help the section achieve its ambitions. This is not a criticism of our volunteers whose dedication, commitment and hard work are invaluable, but a recognition of what competencies we need to push on.


The Section has recently drafted a Strategic Development Plan that identifies 4 main areas requiring attention, these are:


  • Member Retention.
  • Player Development.
  • Player Recruitment.
  • Financial Sustainability.

It is hoped to achieve the above through a variety of initiatives that involve organising member playing events, training in-house coaches to coach our teams and approaching local schools to form mutually beneficial relationships.

If you would like to be involved in helping the section achieve the status it deserves, then please email: And do not worry; this will not take over your life and you will only be asked to do what you have time to do.

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