The Day We Went to Bangor!

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Bangor? No.

( for those under 50).

The Men’s 2s had a Valentine’s Day trip to Bangor, so many opportunities for jokes. An early start saw us meeting at 9.15 and joining the Ladies’ 2 at the club car park . We survived the ensuing carnage (don’t worry, no one saw you drive into the wall) with nary a casualty, which was good as we were suffering low numbers due to the Scottish celebrations. We did welcome back Thomas Lennon, who made an early surge for DoD by stating that ‘I really shouldn’t have played last week’. Tom, you didn’t.

Owen Jones put a firm case for himself on the way by stepping out of the car at a break to have a cigarette. At a petrol station! After many hours of driving, (Peter Tod had told his wife he was going to Bangor, then left the house for 9 hours) we arrived at the University in plenty of time to have a warm up. Tom realised he had forgotten his blue socks, but we found one, and Tom played in one blue and one white sock.

One of the problems the 2s have had has been an excess of good defenders, but a shortage in midfield. Today we had 5 defenders so Rob Thomas brought in James Robinson from the 3s (a striker) – and played him at right back. He did a decent job, and we battled hard, but our lack of natural midfielders showed, (this is not meant as a criticism – we are overrun with high quality centre-backs, and sometimes they have to be played out of position) and 2-0 down at halftime was a fair reflection.

Within 30 seconds of the restart we were back in it, a through ball found Jake Bennison, and he deftly turned and slipped it past the keeper.

Within 30 seconds of that we were back out of it as a ball was slammed into our D from the half way line and was very niftily deflected in by an attacker running across. Fair play.

The rest of the half was mainly memorable for the fights. Baz had an argument with one of their players who then had the ball fired at him by one of his own team. This same guy managed to tell OJ’s Dad to get lost, and also tried to pick a fight with everyone else. (I should point out that OJ’s parents were watching, he didn’t put in a special call).

Kenneth B Cook had a few interesting discussions with him, while OJ put in a few spicy tackles, received a few himself, then started a fight and ran away, leaving Gareth to receive a yellow for being his enforcer.

We held out for the rest of the game, helped by Kenny leaping across to kick away a through ball heading for their unmarked attacker, plus some good and legitimate defensive work.

After the final whistle, and a 3-1 defeat, the aforementioned home player then gave us a postcode to head to for refreshments. Unfortunately it wasn’t the pub, so after a trip to a housing estate on the outskirts of Bangor we eventually made the pub thanks to OJ’s local knowledge. Noting the opposition’s disappointment at having to share the food, (we’re not that easily shaken off sausages and chips) we sat down with the fines pot, (now containing over £100). Tom was awarded DoD despite a fine effort from OJ (a sure winner many other weeks), I got MoM for a few decent saves, and we set off on the long trip back.

Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes, Baz realised that the fines pot hadn’t set off on the long trip back, so we turned round, and found that the good and honest people of Bangor had kept it safely behind the bar, and we were able to arrive home in the early evening.

We do still need one more win to be sure of safety – hopefully next week at Deeside.

Andy McCarroll    14 February

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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