Women’s 1s lose to Loughborough again

On Saturday 14th February, Sefton travelled to Loughborough determined to bring home a win after defeat against Sutton the previous week.

With a new system and Sefton not used to playing on a water based pitch, we didn’t get off to the best start. Loughborough hit us hard, exploiting the gaps in our system and working as a unit to get close to our D, giving themselves plenty of opportunities for a lead. However, Sefton began to track back, working solidly in defence avoiding Loughborough from the goal they were trying desperately to achieve. With this pressure on the Sefton defence set plays began to come together, with Sefton beginning to work the ball up the pitch to our attack who were running tirelessly. Unfortunately with the bounce from the waterbased pitch our simple passes were failing to be stopped allowing Loughborough to intercept and with one mistake in the D, Loughborough were awarded their first short corner which they managed to convert. With this goal brought a new determination into the hearts off Sefton, who wanted to make a comeback in the second half.

Sefton came back onto the pitch with the desire to score, our set plays and passes were now coming together allowing us to work up the pitch and create space for our attack to exploit the goal. The second half saw Sefton to be the more dominant team, successfully preventing Loughborough from having any chances in front of goal. Although Sefton failed to convert, it looked as if Sefton would only be defeated by one goal, but a mistake in the D again cost us another short corner. With a ‘unique’ injection technique causing two Sefton players to break early and get sent to the halfway line, Sefton were left with 3 in defence against the whole of the Loughborough team. The outcome was inevitable, Loughborough converted their second short corner, resulting in a 2-0 Sefton defeat.

Abii McLindon

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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