Women’s 2s beat table topping Forest!

Liverpool Sefton 2 v Pendle Forest 1


Waking up to what can only be described as gale force winds, the 2s had an early meet at the club to travel to Nelson. Once we had arrived we saw that the pitch was at the top of a hill and just as windy as Liverpool. The changing rooms were 5 star luxury, with cubicles for every single player.


After some wise words from Cath, we reluctantly went outside to warm up. We started off slowly and were soon under attack by the opposition. Great defensive work by Jennifer Buchanan, Jane Gaston, Melissa Cox, Hannah Shaw and Erin Lee prevented them from getting any shots on target. We picked up our game and started to pressure their defence. Both teams struggled to keep hold of the ball.


Pendle Forest had the wind with them in the first half and pressured the defence and were awarded several short corners. Great running by Helen Oakley and Jane ensured they had no straight strike on goal.


At half time Cath and Jen gave more words of encouragement and we had the wind with us to start the second half.


We went out strongly and pressured their defence. The midfielders worked tirelessly to help with the attack but also getting back to defend (Heather Brook, Jennifer McArthur, Helen, Nicola Mulvoy). After several failed attempts on goal, Jo saw herself with a one on one with the goalkeeper; the keeper kicked the ball out but it landed on Rachel Elizabeth Kelly’s stick. She was only going to do one thing – she smashed the ball into the far bottom corner… 1-0 Sefton.


The goal seemed to frustrate them and we became the stronger team. With 15 minutes left they started to pressure our defence but were still not able to get into scoring positions. Jane unfortunately took a stick to the eyebrow and had to go off for some treatment plus some tough love from Cath.


After much pressure we conceded several short corners, one which was aerialed from the top of the D. I brought it down safely and passed to Rach who cleared it out of the circle (yes Rach was in the defending D). Many more short corners were conceded but every time they struggled to have a clean shot thanks to some great running back from those at the half way line.


After a questionable short corner, Danielle Shields was called over by the umpire and was awarded a yellow card for swearing!!!   This was recognised after the game as a language problem as everyone knows that Danni’s worst swearing is “flip sake”.


In the final 2 minutes they were awarded 3 short corners, one aiming to take Mel’s head off but I stopped it before it did. They were unable to score. The final whistle blew.

Sefton 1 Pendle Forest 0

We had beaten the undefeated top of the league team!

Roll on our double header next week.        Go Sefton!

Kat Fargher

Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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