Women’s 3s Face Formby Keeper for a Change!

‘Yes they have a goalie’ are not the normal words you expect a team to be cheering about! We were praising this due to the previous match we played when they had 11 outfield players. We were determined to get a win this time!! Colette Noble managed the team well and organised positions as we only had one sub. Then with Lauren leaving at half time, things were going to get tiring.

We started like every game with a great warm up, this time led by Helen Muschamp. Once finished, we made our way to the pitch and got ready to get some stick and ball practice. Time was short as the previous game had overrun, so it was a rush to get Jaz warmed up.

Once the whistle went we made the game our own. There was fight in every tackle we made. Forwards were pressing high and putting pressure on their defence. We were unlucky on the breaks but great attempts and shots on goal. We just couldn’t finish it off.

Midfield and wingers were working hard to feed the ball up the pitch. Running and creating space were keeping Formby within the defensive mode. We made good decisions in keeping position. Allowing the ball to be passed behind to the defenders created opportunity for space and the switch.

High praise must go to the defenders! Unfortunately within the game people weren’t playing their normal positions but this isn’t any excuse because the defenders did a terrific job. The score could easily have been more if it wasn’t down to the defenders and Jaz. We were unlucky to have so many short corners but in an optimistic view, we did a brilliant job in stopping them from scoring. A massive well done to them!!

The game ended with 1-0 to Formby. We fought hard throughout the game and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t get a goal or two.

Nevertheless, it was a great game! Well done to everyone and thank you for voting me player of the match.

Rachel Broadhurst         28 February


Author: Liverpool Cricket Club

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