Dynamos Cricket

Dynamos will be back at Liverpool Cricket Club  on Monday 9th of May 2022

This is a great fun softball cricket course for children aged 8-11. No cricket experience  needed. The children who did the course last year loved it and a number of them have gone on to play for the Liverpool CC teams

£40 for 8 sessions and your child gets a fantastic personalised New Balance Dynamos T—shirt amongst other great things!

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Programme features:

  • For all boys and girls aged eight to eleven
  • 90 minute sessions, held over eight weeks
  • Emphasis on fun and being active
  • Focus on developing your child’s skills
  • Safe and fully accredited
  • Valuable time with your kids – mums and dads are encouraged to take part too
  • Easy online registration
  • Includes a personalised t-shirt