The Junior players of all the age groups were consulted about what should go into THIS Code of Conduct. Parents please read and discuss with your child.


Players – Support Your Team Mates and Always Respect the Other Team

• Encourage and support each other
• Don’t worry if you or someone else makes a mistake – say “it’s OK, do better next time”
• Ask people what they want to be called (don’t make up nicknames)
• Help other people in your team
• Positive comments even when the player hasn’t done well
• Don’t criticise someone if they are not bowling right but encourage them to do well
• Be happy whether you win or lose
• No pressure on anyone if a mistake happens, even if it means we lose
• Don’t bug the captain- be supportive
• Be sensible with cricket balls
• Always tell an adult if you’re not happy or don’t feel safe
• Be considerate – try to be aware of other people’s feelings both on our team and theirs
• Treat the other team as you want to be treated
• Say “hi” at the start of the match
• Don’t be hurtful, don’t get in their face, don’t be rude
• Say ““well done” if we lose
• No gloating if we win – celebrating is good but don’t get carried away


Treat the Umpire with Respect

• If you don’t like a decision from the umpire – just get over it
• Respect umpire decisions
• No verbal questioning or gestures towards umpires
• Don’t argue with the umpire even if they are wrong
• Don’t call umpire names


Parents – Encouragement Can Carry Us

• Positive encouragement and excitement is good
• Parents can encourage- but don’t shout things like “catch it”
• Don’t give us coaching advice during the game
• Don’t tell us to run – it confuses us
• If they’re too noisy you can’t concentrate
• No coaching during the game which might undermine the coach
• No tips and shouts especially while under pressure
• Give us lots of drink and food
• Parents shouldn’t try and coach the children during or after/between games – no post-game “you should’ve done this, that etc”
• No pitch invasions


• Give a team talk
• Be patient and supportive
• Listen to our ideas
• Help us to get better

                                                                                                                                                                                     July 2020