Be Part of a Team

Lacrosse is growing in popularity as an exciting and fast-paced sport, combining strength, speed and strategy and has captured the interest of many players, both young and old.

Often described as “the fastest sport on two feet” the sport continues to thrive and develop having been officially added to the 2028 Olympics.

The Liverpool Lacrosse Team, training at Liverpool Cricket Club, is home to a passionate women’s team, welcoming players of all ages above 14. In the summer of 2023 this talented team achieved a significant milestone by bringing home the trophy from the Northern Flags final match! Whether you are looking to pick up a new sport or have played before and are looking to get back into it, we extend a warm invitation to join our team. At Liverpool Lacrosse we provide a supportive environment for players of all abilities to grow and thrive in the world of lacrosse.


For more information please contact Linda Musker:
[email protected]

… or Jo Hunt:
07918 943 112